The Public is Embracing Entertainment Like Never Before

A lot of television programs and Internet content are viewed by viewers as entertainment. Far beyond traditional census criteria. It has become the king genre. They watch them en masse, in proportions that have become more important than ever. Focus on new facets of entertainment as part of a study carried out by Médiamétrie for ADETEM, the National Association of Marketing Professionals. Now Watch your favorite movies On Pikashow apk Anytime and from anywhere.

Inform, cultivate, entertain…. From the outset, television has strived to fulfill these three functions. Since then it has significantly evolved with the consideration of viewers’ expectations. The single small screen in the home has been replaced by several screens of various formats: television, tablet, computer, smartphone. Enough to multiply the opportunities to be entertained anytime, anywhere and by all means: films, series, TV films,  to watch free FMovies and Free Soap2day , Queenslandmax,concerts, theater, sports broadcasts, reality TV, short programs, video games … The very notion of entertainment transpires, more or less, through a wide range of types of programs, regardless of the professional criteria of the classifications necessary to meet program obligations. Consumer perception has become an essential notion. For the latter, entertainment has gone beyond its strict meaning, it is no longer conventionally confined to games and musical variety shows. Many more programs than one might imagine are now considered entertaining by audiences. Entertainment has greatly extended its territory and it is even more watched than one might imagine.

Entertainment is predominantly scheduled

Entertainment in the broadest sense has taken off. It encompasses films, series, talk shows, reality TV, fiction, youth, games, humor, variety and modern music. He now reigns supreme. It reaches, in fact, the absolute majority of the offer of television programs (54%). No other category of programs cuts it off: documentaries only account for 14% of the overall offer, magazines 10% and news 6%, the other genres sharing the remaining 16%. This large volume offered corresponds to the desire to meet the aspirations and even the demand of the majority of viewers. The variations in consumption clearly reflect this approach. Audiences aged 4 and over spend 55% of their time watching entertainment; he spends 16% watching news programs,

Young people very, very fans

Entertainment, a program accessible to a large audience, thus unites all audiences. But who are the most fanatical viewers? Those who leave their homes the least, namely those 50 and over? Of course, they spend more time than average in front of their screen. But, in reality, the biggest consumers are the young people, who, however, most willingly leave their homes. The 4-14 year olds spend 68% of their TV time watching entertainment programs. The 15-24 year olds almost as many with 63%. The difference is therefore clearly marked with those 50 and over who devote 51% of their TV time to entertainment.

Videos are a hit on the Internet

The consumption of entertainment is also very high on the Internet. It is carried by video sites – YouTube in the lead – and replay sites – MyTF1, Allociné, DailyMotion, France Télévisions, 6Play, Avple, etc. Every month, there are 24 million unique visitors (VU). Young people, men and CSP + are particularly addicted to these short and relaxing images. Audiences spend 3.5 hours a month watching entertainment videos. An increasing trend. The smartphone is a powerful factor in consumption. The mobile took precedence over the computer: fans spend an average of 3:06 hours watching entertainment videos. Each month, YouTube gets 30 million unique visitors.

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