PDF Editors: Why UPDF Editor Is the Jack of All Trades

PDF is undeniably one of the most common file formats at the moment. And this is easy to see since it offers remarkable portability and great security. Unfortunately, editing PDF files can add to your woes. No wonder many people turn to PDF editors to get the job done hassle-free though most of them are super expensive.  That’s not to say you should never make modifications to your PDF document since you can now leverage a free PDF editor.

You want to attain remarkable editing results for PDF files without taking a toll on your finances, and free PDF editors will always come to your aid. One such PDF editor worth a try is UPDF.  Available as free PDF editing software, UPDF offers an effortless and smooth process. Before you download UPDF from MAC App Store, it pays off to understand what you’re dealing with in the first place.

Fortunately, that’s what this quick guide will help you uncover today. Below are a few features that make UPDF the best PDF editor to ease how you do things without parting with a single cent.

All-Rounder PDF Editor


When editing PDF files, you want to ensure your work is efficient and make necessary changes without tampering with the format. UPDF editor doesn’t disappoint in this regard as it brings your dreams to reality for free.  Whether you want to edit the PDF pages, text, or images, you can get handle everything here within the shortest possible time.

UPDF allows users to add images, texts, and markups to PDFs without feeling the heat.  Furthermore, you can move, modify, delete, insert, copy and paste images and text in your existing PDF content in no time. That’s why it is an all-around editor that will never disappoint.

Things are no different when dealing with images in your PDF file since it is possible to edit them without altering anything.  The editor ensures you add, delete, rotate, crop, and replace images in PDF as per your needs. To attain the look you desire, you need to leverage the control font feature to change the color, size, type, alignment, and formatting.

  • Edit Multiple Files


Working on one PDF file at a time results in low productivity and may lead to fatigue.  You never want to put yourself in this situation, especially when you have a lot to do in less time.  UPDF will always come to your rescue in this regard since it allows for a tabbed view to open and view multiple PDFs.

The free PDF editor is your one-stop solution if you want to view and annotate documents in no time.  For users to have a smooth ride, UPDF offers text markups for reviewing PDFs.  Whether you want to strikethrough, underline, or highlight content in your PDF file, rest assured you can do it without straining.

Some people complain about eye strain when working on PDF documents. UPDF helps reduce this as it is an eyes-friendly PDF reader.  The editor boasts intuitive navigation tools to give you that ‘read it like a book’ feeling.  For this reason, you won’t worry about eye strain when drawing geometric and hand-drawn shapes, lines, and arrows in PDF files.

  • Organize PDF Pages


Organizing PDF pages as per your preference is no longer a hassle when counting on UPDF-free editing software. After all, it ensures you manage and manipulate PDF pages to put all the information in order.  All you need to do is reorder, delete, or extract the pages you don’t want in your document.

If you want to change the orientation of PDF pages or control page range when manipulating files, rest knowing you can do it easily.  Things are no different when you want to zoom in and zoom out to PDF pages. In short, nothing is impossible when counting on UPDF to edit your PDF documents.

The Bottom Line

UPDF is a unique and efficient PDF editor that’s available for free and will never disappoint.  While other editors on the market can guarantee the quality, they are not available for free.  No wonder UPDF is the perfect alternative you should never risk skimping on when you want to edit PDF files.

To ensure users handle the tough mechanics of PDF editing with quality output, UPDF will add more powerful features in the future. In short, expect additional features such as OCR, PDF conversion, create and fill PDF forms, and sign PDF tools.

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