6 Rewards and Recognition Ideas for Motivating Employees

Employees are the asset of the company. Without employees, one can’t expect the growth of the organization. Thus, to ensure the growth of the organization, employee recognition and rewards came into existence. It’s a way to ensure the employees that they are valued in the organization they are working for. Here are some of the best employee rewards and recognition ideas that will motivate your employees to perform better.

1.      Gift of Gratitude

Everyone looks for gratitude and appreciation, and employees are no exception. Employees do a lot for the company, and thus they should be appreciated either by giving gifts or sending a handwritten “Thank You” note. Various employee engagement surveys suggest that it is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees.

2.      Meet, Greet and Eat

We all agree that corporate life is hectic. To improve productivity and motivate the employees, sometimes it is important to change the setting. You can plan an outdoor lunch every 15 days just to boost the moods of the employee and break the corporate monotony. This is one of the best employee engagement strategies.

3.      Feature Your Employees in a Short Film

Who doesn’t like to get featured in the film? You can make a small 2 to 5 minutes video featuring your employees to make them feel like a star. You can add short clips of them working or may ask them to share their experience working in the company. You will be surprised to see the number of participants in such activities. Such employee engagement activities make employees feel connected with the company.

4.      Recognize the Creative Minds with Creativity

Every company has some employees who never fail to bring out-of-the-box ideas. These are the ones who are passionate about their job and try to give their best in whatever they are doing. As an organization, you should let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Make sure to acknowledge their efforts in different ways. You can initiate an employee recognition program also. If they can go the extra mile, why can’t you?

5.      The Classic Wall of Fame Moment

One of the best ways to motivate employees to perform better is to create a wall of fame in the center of the office. This will encourage the employees to put their best to become a part of that wall of fame. It will make them feel valued and appreciated. You can also run employee rewards programs on social media.

6.      Recognize Punctuality

Some employees in the company are always punctual. It’s their trait that sets them apart from the rest. Having such employees in your company is no less than a blessing. Thus, make sure to acknowledge these employees for their diligence and punctuality. You can give them employee recognition awards to appreciate them.

Wrap Up

Giving time-to-time recognition and awards to the employees keeps them motivated and connected with the company. You can implement these employee appreciation ideas to motivate your employees.

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