Which PM Software will Compete Industry in 2023?

Software that manages projects can help you improve your processes. These software can be used to manage data, track deadlines and encourage team cooperation. The Freshdesk demo and Box Demo comparative blog will provide details about their features. Continue reading for details on their pricing plans and demos.

Tech House Value, a cloud-based customer service solution, increases happiness and engagement. It makes ticketing easier by allowing customization of agent roles, ticket forms, portals, and ticket types. For improved data security, users can limit their access to information and identify themselves. It also contains field service modules such as omnichannel customer interaction and quick answer questions, and automated appointment managing. The map view allows customers to track deployments in real time.

Box is a cloud-based sharing and information storage solution that enables teamwork within the office. It can manage files, documents and presentations online. It can integrate with all open APIs including those of Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Adobe, and Adobe. It allows users to edit, rate and share digital items, as well as assign tasks to other users. Without the need for IT, team members can create workflows in minutes.

Freshdesk Project Management Software

The Key Features of Freshdesk

Automated Tasks

Customers and agents can be automatically notified about any updates to their tickets. Based on the date of an event, you can automate maintenance operations and actions on tickets.

Service Management

For tickets, service jobs and field technicians should be created based on the location and priority of each ticket. To assist with field operations, it also includes the following:

  • The dashboard allows you to schedule appointments, assign tasks, and manage the responsibilities of your field team.
  • Mobile field service allows professionals to stay up-to-date while on the move.
  • To track the hours worked, you can use automated time tracking.
  • With a single swipe, customers can attach their signatures to service orders using the mobile app.


You can offer better customer service by using DU Home Internet. Transform client complaints received from different channels into resolved tickets. This feature includes:

  • You can use the team inbox to prioritize and assign tickets based upon keywords.
  • AI-powered ticketing can increase agent efficiency and reduce time.
  • SLA management evaluates the performance of agents and sets customer response times expectations.

Freshdesk Pricing

These are the Freshdesk prices:

  • Free: This plan requires at least 10 agents. This concept includes ticket dispatch, a central knowledge base and ticket trend reports. You can also choose the location of your data center, and other options.
  • Growth: This plan charges $15 per agent. This plan offers automation options, integration with up 1,000 applications, and helpdesk reporting. It also offers custom SSL, SLA management, business hours, custom ticket displays and custom SLA management.
  • Pro: This package costs $49 per month. It includes the Growth Plan features. This package also allows 5,000 collaborators, round-robin routing and configurable roles. Freshdesk Pro Plan subscribers have the ability to create custom dashboards and reports. It can be used by agents to track client journeys or create premade forms. It offers API restrictions that can increase, reminders about SLAs, and the ability manage bilingual knowledgebase.
  • Enterprise: The cost of this package is $79 for each agent per month. This package includes the Pro Plan’s features, plus a few additional. It includes custom objects, agent shift management and an email chatbot. Agent skill-based routing can also be controlled. Other features include an article suggestion, scripted answer suggestion, and auto-triage.

Additional Email Bots, Chatbots and Voice Bots: Extra email bots, chatbots and voice bots are available at $75 each.

All subscriptions listed above include a free trial period.

Freshdesk Demo

Freshdesk Live Demos are available if you’d like to learn more about the product. Freshdesk representatives are available to answer your questions about the product’s capabilities.

Freshdesk Reviews

Freshdesk’s GetApp rating is 4.5/5. Freshdesk users find its UI easy and fast. The New Techy replies are also a big plus for users as they save time. Some people feel that creating their own view is too time-consuming, so template views are a good option.

Box Project Management Software

The Key Features of Box


You can take notes on any device to use for brainstorming sessions, planning, and to-do lists. Accessing your files from any device, whether you’re on the internet, mobile or desktop is easy. You can also use it to add annotations and comments and embed images.


Protect documents and files by categorizing them according to PII and other custom terms as defined by admin rules. To protect your data and prevent leaks, create access policies.

Box Pricing

The cost of the Box is broken down into these tiers:

  • Business: The cost of this package is $20 per month. To subscribe to this plan, you must have at least three users. The Work Plan provides unlimited storage and technical support during business hours. It also includes collaboration capabilities for the organization. It supports up to 1,500 programs such as Microsoft Office and Google Workspace. You can also use the Box Canvas or Box Sign features.
  • Business Plus: This plan is $33/month per user. This plan includes all the features of the Business Plan. It also includes data loss prevention, configurable metadata, and metadata templates as well as powerful search filters.
  • Enterprise: This plan is $47 per month per user. This plan includes all features of the Business Plus Plan. It supports HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance as well as document watermarking and enforcement of password policies.
  • Enterprise Plus: The Box sales team customizes the price of this package to suit each company. Other features include Box Sheild and Box Sign, Box Governance, Box Shuttle, and Box Sign. It also contains Box Zones and Box Platforms as well as Box GxP.

Box Demo

You can see the Box demo to get an idea of what project management software is capable. This demo will help you determine if Box is right for your company.

Box Reviews

Box software reviews say it’s a safe platform for file management. It can be used to eliminate the need for users to have local copies of papers. Its UI is also simple to use according to users. It can be difficult to get used to its complex features.

Final Remarks

Box and Freshdesk offer extensive workflow management tools. Both Box and Freshdesk pricing are equally competitive because they offer a wide range of options. You can choose the software that best suits your needs.

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