The Ultimate Mistico Unmasked

In the world of wrestling, there are many gimmicks. Some wrestlers have characters that are completely over-the-top, such as The Undertaker with his funeral director gimmick or Goldust with his bizarre, seductive character. Other wrestlers keep their real names and pretend to be someone else. One case of this is Mistico (AKA Rey Mysterio Junior), who is the son of the famous luchador and WWF Champion Rey Mysterio. Mistico originally came out with a mask on. His real name was never revealed, which added a sense mystery to him and made it seem as if he were a new masked wrestler rather than someone who had simply kept his identity hidden for so long. As you may have imagined by now, there’s more to this story… Keep reading to discover more about Mistico Unmasked

Who is Mistico?

Mistico is the former ring name of current WWE Champion and Lucha Underground Champion Rey Mysterio. On December 17th, 2018, Mysterio appeared as a surprise guest at the Lucha Libre World Cup in Mexico City. Mysterio, who has been a part of the WWE roster since 2002, announced that he would be returning to his home promotion of AAA in 2019. During the press conference, Mysterio discussed his decision to return to AAA and revealed that he will be dropping the “Mistico” name in favor of his original ring name, “Rey Mysterio.” “I want to go back to my original name,” Mysterio said. When Mysterio originally started wrestling in Mexico, he wrestled under the name “Rey Mysterio”. Mysterio eventually changed his name to “Mistico”, or “Mystic” in English, in 2005. As Mistico, Mysterio became a three-time World Champion in AAA. Mysterio also became a three-time Heavyweight Champion in CMLL, where he had wrestled since 2008.

Rey Mysterio Jr.’s Son

Mistico’s real name is, in fact, Rey Mysterio Jr. He is the son of the famous luchador and WWF Champion Rey Mysterio. Mysterio Jr. has made his career by following in the footsteps of his famous father. He’s wrestled under the name “Rey Mysterio” since he was a young boy, even before he was allowed to compete in matches. Mysterio Jr. followed in his father’s footsteps both in terms of wrestling style and career path. Mysterio Jr. began wrestling as a masked luchador in Mexico while he was still in high school. He made his professional wrestling debut at the age of just 15 years old. Mysterio Jr. wrestled in Mexico and Japan before he was old enough to be allowed to compete in the United States.

Why Masked?

Throughout his career, Rey Mysterio Jr. has been asked many times why he wears a mask. The answer is that he wears a mask to honor his father, who wore a mask for longer than any other wrestler in history. However, it goes deeper than that. Wrestling is a very dangerous and physical sport. Many injuries occur in the ring, and injuries are common among wrestlers. For this reason, most wrestlers have health insurance, and some wrestlers also have disability insurance. Mysterio Jr.’s father, Rey Mysterio, once suffered a serious injury in the ring that prevented him from working for a long period of time. After the injury, Rey Mysterio needed money to support his family. He chose to wrestle again despite the risks. Sadly, he was severely injured again while wrestling. Mysterio was paralyzed from the waist down and has been in a wheelchair ever since.

Mistico Unmasked – The Reveal!

Mistico’s real name was revealed to be Rey Mysterio Jr. on February 26th, 2013, when he wrestled in a “Luchas de Apuestas” match against fellow CMLL wrestler Shocker. “Luchas de Apuestas”, or “gambling fights”, are matches in which one competitor bets his mask against another competitor’s hair. In this match, Shocker won, and Mysterio had to unmask and reveal his real name. When Mysterio Jr. unmasked, he revealed that he was his father’s son. While many people had suspected that Mysterio Jr. was the son of Rey Mysterio, this match confirmed these suspicions.

So, Who Is He Really?

Rey Mysterio Jr. first wrestled in the ring as a child, wearing a mask that made him look like a superhero. He wished to become a wrestler, and so, he trained hard and followed in his father’s footsteps. Mysterio Jr. made his professional debut in 2002, wrestling under the name “Rey Mysterio”. Mysterio Jr. was a major star in Mexico, where he won several championships for CMLL and AAA. In 2005, Mysterio Jr. changed his name to Mistico, and he became an even bigger star in Mexico. He was hugely successful in CMLL and AAA, becoming a three-time World Champion and a three-time Heavyweight Champion in CMLL. Despite his success in Mexico, many American wrestling fans had never heard of Mistico until July 2018, when he signed a contract with the WWE. On December 17th, 2018, Mysterio announced that he would be returning to his home promotion of AAA in 2019.

Final Words

Mistico was a superstar in Mexico, but he was largely unknown in the United States until he signed a contract with the Mistico Unmasked. After wrestling in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Division for a little over a year, Mysterio won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35. Mysterio Jr.’s new contract with AAA will be his first time wrestling in Mexico since the summer of 2017. It may take some time for American wrestling fans to get used to the name “Rey Mysterio”, but Mysterio’s father has always been known as Rey, so it only makes sense for him to return to his original name.

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